Sunday, August 28, 2016

LEA20 -- The Surreal Cube -- opening Sept 1st at 1pm SLT

Art Blue invites you to his last instalment THE SURREAL CUBE at LEA20.
“This will be my Monument” Art Blue

Grand Opening on September 1st, 1.00 PM SLT
With a short play: CRAVING FOR A MONUMENT
and a performance by Venus Adored: Goodbye Shining Blackstar
Live music will be performed by Ultraviolet Auer

Please arrive a little early to allow time to be seated before it begins at 1.01 pm

An excerpt: How it came …

Mankind loses old knowledge -- finally also the knowledge of keeping art alive was lost. A billionaire could no longer see that art works which have been created before the Cleft like the ones by Molly Bloom shall get lost and burned to ashes. He handed Art Blue over a blank cheque to create a space ship so the art might be safe in a different solar system. His name: SR Hadden. The name of the space ship: SURREAL CUBE. A few thousand years later his follower qHadden bought a disc map from an alien dog named FLA. This disc shows coordinates to a planet LEA. Is this the lost link to where the art was once created? qHadden set course …

As the approach of the big cube got noticed by long range sensors on LEA the awakening routine for Prof. Dr. Kawoom (the scientist who once sent signals to planet DRON7 with the names of the last 42 artists on this planet) became active. One of the names he engraved on the disc matched: Gem Preiz. The cube´s outer hull was a Gem Preiz and so the resonance signals of Vulcanicus, once the last place for art, created space, made room for it. But as time is a tricky thing the landing spot got miscalculated. Spot number 20 is too small for surreality -- there the instalment comes into scene.

The world is frozen for us in time by the owl, the A.I. who bails Art Blue out if he is in trouble. This gives us time to explore until October 15, 2016.

For the SURREAL CUBE the following artists set their views in place.

Key Contributors:
Gem Preiz, France: the outer cube, the stronghold
Mistero Hifeng, Italy: the landing area around the stronghold.
Molly Bloom, USA: The Molly Bloom Museum
Hyde Hackl, Netherlands: builder of the Molly Bloom Museum and The Egg.
Moewe Winkler, Germany: underwater world, the speaking fish
Juliette Surrealdreaming, USA: curator and stage


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

LEA9 - Skull Island Farewell - by Oldlex

DATE: August 30th

 A celebration of Skull Island, featuring Babypea von Phoenix and friends a dance show tribute to King Kong! we say good bye to Kong and Skull island , and hello to Water World .  Followed by the King Kong Ball with music, DJ, and dancing .then Adventure to Skull Island to explore a fantastic sim-wide build that is full of surprises and magical discovery, so much to see and do!  Excellent photo opportunities.This project was made possible in part by a grant from Linden Endowment for the Arts. With builds by oldlex.

LEA17 The Monarchs Add Additional Performances August 23, 26 & 27

Due to the incredible response we've had to this show we're adding 3 more show dates to the calender! Don't miss this mega-production!

The Monarchs presents
STAR WARS: Untold Stories.
Take a ride among the stars in a galaxy far, far away and witness the struggles between dark and light, good and evil in this series of dance performances inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Tuesday August 23rd, 7pm slt

Friday August 26th, 9pm slt

& Saturday August 27th, 3pm slt

Click here to go to LEA17

Come early so you don't miss your ride and please be sure to lower your script count before arriving! If you're feeling a little extra adventurous - dress to theme!

See you soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Film and music have been like twins since the beginning of the film era. Shortly after the first "silent" movies were running in the penny arcades and nickelodeons there was music. The flickering screen drama was accompanied by piano player, who hit the keys.
Today we have breathtaking soundtracks in film. Vangelis, Hans Zimmer and others are "hitting the keys" now in newer times and today. Here at the Cinema City we bring you the finest music and events!! This time it's good old rock music with mind blowing guitar solos and experimental/improvising parts by the talented Funky Freddy and Maximillion Kleene singer/songwriter who shares his upbeat tempo styled music to "The City"! These two will have a dual stream Jam Session, together." Cinema City " will shine with your attendance at this powerful music JAM.
 Please join us , bring your friends the 19th at 2PM and enjoy the concert, do feel welcome to explore LEA2 "anytime" !


LEA17 Dance Performances August 19 & 20

The Monarchs present
STAR WARS: Untold Stories.

Take a ride among the stars in a galaxy far, far away and witness the struggles between dark and light, good and evil in this series of dance performances inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Friday, August 19th, 9pm slt
& Saturday, August 20th, 3 pm slt

Click here to go to LEA17

Come early so you don't miss your ride and please be sure to lower your script count before arriving! If you're feeling a little extra adventurous - dress to theme!

See you soon!

For guests, there is also memorabilia of your visit. - Corcosman

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

LEA12 OPENING A Watercolour Wander By Ceakay Ballyhoo


The idea of walking into a painting has always been a very attracting and intriguing one. Ever since reading Stephen King's Rose Madder and later watching Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come, the wish to do something with that concept has been on Ceakey Ballyhoo mind.
Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK for short). 
There is a story that developed with these paintings and it is provided in an NC here as well. It is an extensive read. You can also find the story, with pictures, on the web, which will provide easier reading.
There is also a flickr page for the sim:
It is suggested to read the story before or while you are wandering to have the most immersive experience possible.

You are invited to join us at the grand opening of the installation A Watercolour Wander by CK Ballyhoo.
Thursday 18 August, 1 PM SLT
DJ Fiona Hildrum will be providing the amazing music for this Grand Opening !


Saturday, August 13, 2016

LEA6 features the Artwork Installation of Theda Tammas


Welcome to...           who stole the sky ?



Theda cordially invites everyone to her opening of who stole the sky

at LEA6 on Sunday, August 14th  -  1PM SLT

and asks that you please make sure your environment is set to:

 Region Settings , Atmospheric Shaders and Media  ON!

      She has included TPs on all three floors, for easy movement from place to place...and says,

                                   "Dance with us. Feel the music. Feel the atmosphere on the 3rd floor. "
                                                           *music provided by Sainkho Namtchylak               

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

LEA25 Invictus by Storm Septimus Opening August 13

                                                 Opening Saturday 13th of August
Invictus is a full sim installation based on the poem by the same name written by William Ernest Henley in 1875.The installation will open at 2pm SLT with a live classical performance by Samm Qendra at 2.30pm SLT, formal dress please.

Monday, August 1, 2016

LEA9 - King Kong Costume Party

Costume Party at LEA9
August 1st, 2016
6-8pm SLT

Prizes for Best Jungle Costume 
with DJ Gunner spinning the tunes

LEA1 - 2LDance - Carlyle Chaparral

“Free Dance Lessons in Second Life Exhibit”    
 Opens August 1, 2016 (through September)
Contact: Carlyle Chaparral is proud to announce the opening of our “Free Dance Lessons in SL” exhibit, courtesy of the Linden Endowment of the Arts.  FDL/LEA1 provides four illustrations of the Dance 101 class experience we recently developed.

Dance 101 presents an overview of six of the most popular dances in Second Life, teaching students how to choose dances to match the songs they dance to.   Our goal is to recreate the experience of the dance classes that are often held prior to Real Life dances.  The class experience includes switching partners with each new song - just like in RL classes.  You end up meeting and dancing with everybody in the class.

Live Instructor classes are offered once a week, in addition to the self-directed class which runs continuously 24x7.   The live class adds a flurry of additional fun, including instructor comments, solo dance move demonstrations, and costume changes with each successive dance.  Here is the schedule for our first three live instructor classes:
      Thursday, August 4, 8PM SL
      Thursday, August 11, 8PM SL
      Thursday, August 18, Noon SL

Additional class information is available by joining our FANS group, or at our website calendar.  (

Our Exhibit includes four examples of Dance 101 Classroom facilities:
       A mini-classroom in our Education Building,  LEA1 mini-class
       A compact skybox classroom on top of the mountain,  LEA1 SKYBOX
and two showcase themed venues:
       CP Swing (a 40’s era dance hall surrounded by Swing City),  CP SWING
       Club Nocturno, a Mexico-resort styled open-air club surrounded by Jardines de Baile,  Club Nocturno  and featuring an open-air classroom.
We also provide an Education Building in our Welcome Area that presents the mission and vision of, and some of the concepts and magic that went into building the Exhibit.  Education Building

And, it is all, really, FREE! is a mission-driven, not for profit endeavor. We do not solicit or accept donations. We do not charge any fee for our classes, our instructor training, or the materials we provide our venue partners to implement Free Dance Lessons at their venue.  Everything we do is to achieve our mission:  Make More Dancers, Make Better Dancers.

More info is available in the “Big” press release, which includes details of each of our classrooms and venues, and media-released quotes from the four designers involved in creating the LEA1 Exhibit.  
Additional information about our project is available at our website ( and in-world at our development studio complex,  Nogoji Studio